Consider us your friends, with a camera.

Over 4 years & 100 weddings of experience.

Taylor Cox, Owner, Editor + Lead Photographer

I'm so glad you're here.

Hey there, friend. I'm Taylor Cox, the owner, editor and lead photographer at Ohio Comfort. I'm a mother, wife and friend. I reside in a small town outside of Delaware, Ohio. A huge animal lover, I spend my days on our farm, taking care of my animals and editing pictures of all my sweet clients. 10 year old Taylor would be proud.

Ohio Comfort Photography is a female-owned, female operated, storytelling company located in Greater Columbus, Ohio, and beyond (yes, we love to travel). We pride ourselves on developing authentic connections while creating meaningful art. We're people people. We come with not only the intent to create beautiful and timeless keepsakes of your most precious moments, but also, we want to have FUN with you. Photos can't be candid unless they're genuine. People can't be genuine UNLESS they're comfortable. That's where we come in. Consider us a friend with a camera.

Our photography/editing style is neither dark and moody, nor light and airy. Our bold, true to color style is reflective of YOUR day and YOUR memories, merely curated and enhanced for creamy skin tones and beautiful warm hues to give your images that extra pop. Our main goal is to make your images LOOK how they FELT, which will be nothing short of amazing.

Although this should be a dead giveaway..


EVERYONE is welcome here.